Monday, December 21, 2009


IYAP will soon shake the whole of Isiolo district and become a champion organization in the fight against HIV and AID's. This the move that many wount believe since the organization has more plans and new strategies in reaching the most at risk population, namels long distance track drivers, Commercial Sex Workers, Muslims community, Miraa(Khat) dwellers, bar maids and most of all Street children.
IYAP has already done a survey and identified the issues to be tackled.
The month of December has been the tight month for us, the one special thing about this month was that since its inception for the first time we managed to Test and Counsel over five hundred and six(506) clients in the central vicinity of Isiolo district.
We actuall want to acknowledge Isiolo community for their great co-operation in easying penetration to our targets groups. Liverpool Vct Care and Treatment (LVCT) for the great financial and capacity support and for holding our spirit so high, Ministry Of Health (M.O.H) via District AIDS and STI Co-ordinator(DASCO) for the testing kits provision and other technical assistance. NACC , Amref Maanisha for keeping our school based activities running smoothly Not forgetting G.R.A.C.E africa whose hand has extended to orphaned children through our organization.
We wish all of our followers and friends a Merry X-mass and a happiest festive seaon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


IYAP has been taking alead in organizing and hosting most of the past world AID's day in Isiolo district.
We then today organised some activities though we had No financial support for this we then visited some orphans and vulnarable in bringing out the sense towards reducing stigma and discrimination, building partnerships and ensuring external support strengthens community initiatives and motivations.
We also meet with some relegious leaders who can also of great meaning towards giving hope and care that relates to spiritual/soul of a person and facilitates its expression.
We then took the part of the day in giving information on importance of knowing HIV status and for those who got the prevelage and know their status and found to be positive were encouraged to engage themselves in income generating activities which can be supported by various agencies.
IYAP then suggested that Policies should be in place in favour of orphans and vulnarable children to access the educational bursary funds. We also made every one remember that we are all HIV positive until proven otherwise. We then took our mobile service to tha Prison camp and managed to test over 38 warders and family, tommorrow IYAP is again taking the service there targeting the inmates/prisoner believing that with the kenyan situation right now everyday is WORLD AIDS DAY!