Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Since its inception IYAP has achieved alot, despite other challenges that went to an extent of threatening the organization and its programmes.
Some of the key challenges was first realised in the year 2003, three of our officials were arrested by police and spend two weeks in police custody charged with incitements,this was after mobilizing the local community in reclaiming back the public land namely "BARAZA PARK" swahili name meaning meeting bay.which was grabbed by the bigfish in town, for now the land has been given back to the community.
IYAP members have been working under the spirit of volunteerism for the good 7 and half years which made as vulnarable, after spending alot in training IYAP members were then poached away from us by other bigger organizations, this was abit confusing since as much as we wanted to count it blessing and strength to the organization, it also become an issue since they leave with all the capacity with them hence promotes some big gaps, other members travelled overseas in search of greener pastures.
The challenge never stop there IYAP has been Paying VCT rent for two years without donor funding using little cash got from hiring out public adress system during 2007 election campaign.
IYAP has extended its services to the nearest divisions, this was due to the request from the local community leaders residing there.
we then got an opportunity to perform an educative drama(play) touching on the issues affecting an AFRICAN youths, and young girls which moved her Excellency first lady LUCY KIBAKI,who in her speech ordered the area M.P and the District commisionner to provide us with a van to ease our activities and for the nobble course, which till today has been a beggers wish. eight and half now IYAP is still using donkeys and handcats as a means of transportation.. Which is not effective when focusing in best and fast services provision.

Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been a very busy week for IYAP members whom, despite fasting and many other relegious responsibilities, achieved worthy things.

I think IYAP made great strides in reversing negative STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) indicators.

On the illicit businesses that were taking place in tha villages, they will soon be reduced, the area chief promised us.

During the past weeks the client turn up has been drastically rising,one of the influencing factors being great fear over condom safety. Most of the clients' fears are based on condoms, regardless of the type. This tells us how careful most people wants to be.

Up to now we have tested many but for more details you will need to check out our combined monthly summary report.

-clients have lost confidence in condoms.
-drug abuse and substance among the clients.
-heavy rain that cut our work short.
-weak tents unable to resist strong wind.
-using handcarts as means of transportation.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Bullet that Wounded IYAP's Project!

Living in peace and harmony is what all human beings want in life, inluding you and me...

Isiolo being one of the places recently affected by violence is slowly sinking without getting any attention from the Government of Kenya.

IYAP recently conducted a peace meeting inclusive of women and youths. We believe these are the most directly affected group. There is alot of hatred caused by fighting over the resources among the communities living in isiolo. What goods are we inheriting from our parents? Completely nothing but hatred.

What is the perception of the community when all the killings and other impunities is taking place right at the big eyes of the goverment which according to the locals, it only focuses on the first class citizens. If 5 people die in Nairobi,Rift valley or central, its most likely that you face the I.C.C. If dozens die in Isiolo, Samburu, Leisamis, Marsabit, Moyale and even North Eastern, no one cares.

IYAP is fighting against poverty, which will help the goverment in the realization of MDG 1 (Millennium Development Goal 1, to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger). We stocked Matendo Women's Group with 315 white goats whereby social services added 15 goats. The women then were empowered and gained confidence in life and even had a burgaining power in their marriage homes.

Then the number of goats increased to over 650 before being driven away by 26 armed bandits after killing the old man looking after them. It is now so embarassing that after the members followed up the matter and saw where the goats were,they only managed to recover 26 of them while 624 were still in the thin air.

The District Commissioner and the area chief promised the members that the goats will be returned soon. But it is now a month and the goats are yet to be recovered.

Who will help to bring justice to prevail for the shot old man, for MATENDO WOMEN GROUP,their children and for the 12 orphans who have been depending on those goats for milk and school fees? They are bleeding,hurting and confused. We are then affected too as this was one of our projects.

Our meeting ended prematurely after some of the women member shaded tears when the discussion was on and no head of local administration appeared.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sitting on a time bomb?

We are having our normal routine meeting which is always done once per month with the aim of assisting each other. In the meeting we usually discuss a lot of issues that have arisen after the previous support meeting. In the proccess the counselors are very careful on client confedentiality not to be compromised in the process.

The issue that took up most of our time was concerning condoms, specifically male condoms. It may be a nightmare when a person you most depend on at difficult times confidently stands and gives you information that may be right according to what he/she believes in, but later cost you a life.

This what is likely to happen if our Government agency, KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) does not take extra care with the report that questions condom quality. It was at this meeting before the media release that we put a question mark over condom safety. It is the main prevention method being championed by our organization, but of late, there have been reports of burst and damaged condoms.

Our clients have good information on correct use of condom hence we can rule out storage and validity/expiration date as the cause of burst condoms. Condoms are an expensive product. We therefore challenge KEBS to give priority to this, to take charge and act, otherwise it may be too late for us all giving right information with wrong tools.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summary report for august.

The activity of the month of august comenced well despite some few challenges, despite having a target of 500 clients per month IYAP is again very mindful on the quality of the service offered.. We hereby then send you our monthly summary report and its breakdown.
-Total client tested 407.
-male 250,
-female 157.
-Male positive 1,
-female positive 11.
-male negative 249,
-female negative 146.
-couples 7,
-Under 25yrs 148,
-Above 25yrs 259.
-New clients 407.
The major challenge faced by the mobile unit is transportation.