Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sitting on a time bomb?

We are having our normal routine meeting which is always done once per month with the aim of assisting each other. In the meeting we usually discuss a lot of issues that have arisen after the previous support meeting. In the proccess the counselors are very careful on client confedentiality not to be compromised in the process.

The issue that took up most of our time was concerning condoms, specifically male condoms. It may be a nightmare when a person you most depend on at difficult times confidently stands and gives you information that may be right according to what he/she believes in, but later cost you a life.

This what is likely to happen if our Government agency, KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) does not take extra care with the report that questions condom quality. It was at this meeting before the media release that we put a question mark over condom safety. It is the main prevention method being championed by our organization, but of late, there have been reports of burst and damaged condoms.

Our clients have good information on correct use of condom hence we can rule out storage and validity/expiration date as the cause of burst condoms. Condoms are an expensive product. We therefore challenge KEBS to give priority to this, to take charge and act, otherwise it may be too late for us all giving right information with wrong tools.

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