Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summary report for august.

The activity of the month of august comenced well despite some few challenges, despite having a target of 500 clients per month IYAP is again very mindful on the quality of the service offered.. We hereby then send you our monthly summary report and its breakdown.
-Total client tested 407.
-male 250,
-female 157.
-Male positive 1,
-female positive 11.
-male negative 249,
-female negative 146.
-couples 7,
-Under 25yrs 148,
-Above 25yrs 259.
-New clients 407.
The major challenge faced by the mobile unit is transportation.

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  1. Hi Jamal
    This is very interesting. The number of males testing far outnumbers the number of females, which is the opposite to that experienced nationally. But female HIV rates are very much higher and the ratio is higher than I have seen anywhere else. I wonder how female prevalence would look if you could attract more females to test. Why do you think fewer females test than males? Is this the usual trend there in Isiolo? Or maybe females are more likely to test in maternal health facilities than in the local VCT?

    Testing 407 people in a month is very good indeed. Keep up the good work.