Friday, August 28, 2009

New Dawn

This was another new dawn for the members of the Muslim community when IYAP members decided to camp at the county council and forest junction. The point was to target the members from the Muslim community. At first as we were setting the tents it attracted most of the people around who confused the place with the ongoing population counting (census).
The mobilizers then took most of their time to welcome all to this crucial exercise while giving information on HIV basic facts. The client flow was good bearing in mind this was the first service of its kind at the area.
The prevalence rate of Muslim dominated areas has been known to be low, which may be caused by low VCT up take.
We enjoyed the day which we took as a learning process and an avenue to collect views and the community perception about this service. We therefore took an advantage to stratagise ourselves on the basis of collected information which will assist to go back in full swing.

-most of the community are fasting hence thought pricking (to draw blood for testing) will break their fast.
-most women were at home preparing for the family evening meals.

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