Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to IYAP's Blog!

Photo: Mobile voluntary and testing (VCT) centre in Isiolo town.

IYAP has 12 active members who run the programme of the organization voluntarily. We are working to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids and to alleviate poverty among the youth of Isiolo and society as a whole. We are working to develop a sustainable community free from HIV/Aids and poverty.

IYAP strives to be an outstanding organization in addressing the problems relating to HIV/Aids through prevention as well as care and support for people living with HIV/Aids. The organization engages in lobbying and advocacy, networking and resource mobilization so as to address the problems that contribute to high poverty incidence, while targeting the orphaned and vulnerable children, youth and women's groups. The organization has 5 trained counselors and is headed by site coordinator. The primary targets for IYAP’s interventions are youths (in and out of school), women, orphans, vulnerable groups and the community at large.

This blog will be about our day to day work and our plans for the future, along with news and photos of some of our activities.

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