Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Special kids needs special attention, since the inception of the ECD-Programme IYAP has been lucky to attract local and international visitors, this is a blessings and a symbol of care and love according to most of the AFRICAN culture, dispite the great nutritional support from GRACE AFRICA the two volunteers from GERMANY one Rudolf Steiner institute Kassel , decided to put a smile on the face of this little kids by taking responsibility and stage a series of presentation about the school with the aim of mobilizing resources(funds) to add an extra step in supporting the purchase of the fruits for this little angels to grow healthy and take a lead in future, the fruits being enriched with many important vitamins, is indispensable for anumber of vital activities within the children’s body,beside being loved for their delightful tase. So this assistance will assures theres crutial growth and good development, again as an organization that is very sensitive on the health issues, the fruit provides vitamin A and B5 which not only help our bone and teeth grow strong but also stimulates immune system.. this is mostly found in oranges/water melons amongst other fruits, also banana for vitamin B1 which converse carbohydrates into energy and B3 for smooth growing and operation of digestive and nervous system, and healthy skin for children.
For this and more reasons IYAP want to acknowledge the organizers Magdalena Pfirrmann and Almut Slezak for this noble course with the school video set from Christian Slezak,also Klaus Ulex,Marcus stettner and many other citizens who joined their hands in support of this school.
May u live to achieve all your desired dreams....... feel loved.

Monday, September 20, 2010


it has been our dream and wish to be in this part of isiolo, if not thrice then twice every year,then we had a clear opportunity after our site incharge received a phone call that invited us for a four days mobile services by a very hard working GIRISA WOMEN GROUP who benifitted from TOWA,NACC FUND(Total War Against AIDS, the journey was abit tidious and scaring driving through bushy,dusty and rough road. most of all the road is prone to banditary attacks since kenya got its indipendence..
on our way we experienced,two punctures hence had to stop and relax as the driver and his crews fix the tires,
In the process me and my three coligues pauseD some questions to some old guards taravelling with us on their take on testing and counseling, this was so interesting since some guys thought that HIV is just a myth and no one ever died of it! this gave us un opportunity for debate which brought some sense after long discussion.. by arriving at our destination we visited a video place where the host had already organised for a meeting, we then converse on Behavior Change Communication with around 20 to 25 youths, the subject was so open that made the discussion so hot and informative, then here most of the people decided that its important for them to know their status and practice safer and safe sex with their partners..
the following day we pitched our tent and use also other room for testing and counseling,we received some clients after Friday prayers where the Imam(prayer leader) talked at long about HIV and AIDS in his preach. the number was convincing hence gave a room for sure change among the KULAMAWE community...bravo TOWA, bravo GIRISA, bravo IYAP and kulamawe community at large..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



It was on mid march when we were carrying out a community outreach(mobile CT) at BULLA PESA when one of our HCT PROVIDER came accross a poorly dressed man who claimed to be 29yrs old but acording to the his physical look the guy seemed to be in his late 30,s. The guy looked to be very confused and worried about the decision he was about to make, from the look of his face he was suffering from a weeks hungover... “every one is looking at me as if am a stranger from another planet, i mean the furthest one i dont know may be jupiter or pluto’’ the guy said.
Then as a counselor i just called the client in and asked him if i can assist where he noded as a sign of acceptance, ‘’I have been living with this virus for so long all my friends died but am still living, people are scared of me ,i have no families and friends! They believe that am a carrier, am just walking but I died some times back” and the tears started running over his cheeks while he was staring though the faded tent window. Have you ever been tasted before ? was my next question, the client told me that was not neccessary.
Then this touched me alot after realizing that this person who now happens to be my client was never tested his HIV status but now for at least two and a half years he lived knowing that he was HIV positive, Ithen decided to take the client though the normal counseling routine, where he accepted to be tested.
Waiting for the first result normally takes 15minutes and in this period i gave him all the time to aske questions and all the questions were evolving around living positively, which was so good meaning that the client is expecting any thing which will be easy to manage.. after this all his eyes are just sticked on the testing table and he couldnt listen nor hear anymore, after filling the data form the clock was on its 15th minutes and this means that i had to ask my client if his ready to take his result, this was another terrible thin that has ever happened to his life ang the guy became 100% sobber and was sweating and shiveriing as if suffering from a chronic malaria. “ yes am ready my result will say whom really I am’’. The client confidently walk to the table and stand beside the result as i was following closer, what did you see? I asked “ daktari hii ni chan’gaa siamini”. Thats true this your result an as i showed you earlier two lines means that you are HIV positive but this proves you to be HIV negative since this now only one line! The client didnt believe all this and really the result shows him to be HIV negative.
When comingup withe plan of action the client confessed that he just ruined his live and wasted alot of time for so long since he believed to be HIV infected. I promise you that this the end of my hard times, am like born again, no chang’aa in my life again and am going back to my family to tell them this good news and let all my village and neighbours should know that i know my status.. ‘’you saved my life i never get courage like this before, but its a new beginning i promise you again’’.
Believe me or not on tuersday june 22nd the client came to the our office with his wife and a three and a half years baby girl just to say thanks to what IYAP did to win back his lost HOPE! But we also thougt that most of the credit should go to AMREF MAANISHA for transforming this and many other lifes..