Monday, September 20, 2010


it has been our dream and wish to be in this part of isiolo, if not thrice then twice every year,then we had a clear opportunity after our site incharge received a phone call that invited us for a four days mobile services by a very hard working GIRISA WOMEN GROUP who benifitted from TOWA,NACC FUND(Total War Against AIDS, the journey was abit tidious and scaring driving through bushy,dusty and rough road. most of all the road is prone to banditary attacks since kenya got its indipendence..
on our way we experienced,two punctures hence had to stop and relax as the driver and his crews fix the tires,
In the process me and my three coligues pauseD some questions to some old guards taravelling with us on their take on testing and counseling, this was so interesting since some guys thought that HIV is just a myth and no one ever died of it! this gave us un opportunity for debate which brought some sense after long discussion.. by arriving at our destination we visited a video place where the host had already organised for a meeting, we then converse on Behavior Change Communication with around 20 to 25 youths, the subject was so open that made the discussion so hot and informative, then here most of the people decided that its important for them to know their status and practice safer and safe sex with their partners..
the following day we pitched our tent and use also other room for testing and counseling,we received some clients after Friday prayers where the Imam(prayer leader) talked at long about HIV and AIDS in his preach. the number was convincing hence gave a room for sure change among the KULAMAWE community...bravo TOWA, bravo GIRISA, bravo IYAP and kulamawe community at large..


  1. Wow, this sounds like an adventure!
    But how was it going on exactly? Did you reach all these people? And what if people are HIV-positive and you leave the place again.. How are they going to deal with that without your support of counseling them?
    It's so good to read these reports, its so interesting! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so proud of knowing you, dear IYAP friends!!! Long live IYAP!

  2. we have a mechanism in place after finding a client to be positive this includes ongoing counseling and reffering the client to the nearest health facilities for disease management.. thank for comment and prayers, long live IYAP..