Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mobile VCT at Millenium petrol station.

IYAP members met very early in the morning and performed their morning rounds; this is where all the members share their feelings on their night experience,concerns,fears and expectation for the day.
A counselor and a receptionist were then selected to remain behind for the standalone site to be functional while others will be leaving for mobile outreach.
PT (Panel Test) was then done by one counselor where the sample report was then sent to Nairobi by site in charge for the purpose of Quality Assurance.
We then proceeded to the identified site where the client flow was low despite the effort made by mobilization team in mobilizing the people around the surrounding area. Anyway we managed to test and counsel at most 24 clients despite our set target of 100 clients.
We all then went back to the office to conduct the closing rounds for the day and get an overview and members' experiences.

-performing counseling,testing and mobilization while fasting.
-Strong wind and dust.
-Poor means of transportation.


  1. Hi Jamal
    Well done for trying to attract people to be tested where they have so been resisting your efforts. It is important to find out why people in this area are so reluctant, perhaps more important than reaching your target of 100 per day. I hope you find out the reason and then, maybe, they will be more willing to test. All the best.

  2. IYAP!

    I love the blog, a very good start, and the website is great as well. Which area did you go to for mobile VCT where people were reluctant to get tested? I agree with Simon that more important than the number of people tested is knowing what the challenge was and trying to address it.

    If this means revising downward the target for the day, that is okay so long as a qualified reason is given...better to have realistic goals that are met than ones that are too high.

    Of course you know this already, but it's fun to be able to discuss these things...even though I'm in America! ha ha