Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been a very busy week for IYAP members whom, despite fasting and many other relegious responsibilities, achieved worthy things.

I think IYAP made great strides in reversing negative STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) indicators.

On the illicit businesses that were taking place in tha villages, they will soon be reduced, the area chief promised us.

During the past weeks the client turn up has been drastically rising,one of the influencing factors being great fear over condom safety. Most of the clients' fears are based on condoms, regardless of the type. This tells us how careful most people wants to be.

Up to now we have tested many but for more details you will need to check out our combined monthly summary report.

-clients have lost confidence in condoms.
-drug abuse and substance among the clients.
-heavy rain that cut our work short.
-weak tents unable to resist strong wind.
-using handcarts as means of transportation.

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    This is a link to an article, "Global Aids Detection and Treatment Sees Major Increase in Africa". Has IYAP seen big increases over the years in the number of people being tested? I'd like to know if you have total numbers tested for the past few years? It seems even in Isiolo getting tested is definitely more common now.
    Also, as Symon always talks about, it looks like PREVENTION METHODS are still failing to prevent new infections. I'm so glad IYAP is working in the schools! And that condom use is heavily promoted! What else can IYAP do to help with prevention? Thanks for your posts, I really appreciate reading them! --Michael