Saturday, July 3, 2010


Since june 2009-june 2010.
IYAP’s achievements drasticall changes after LIVERPOOL CARE AND TREATMENT decided to support this organization in financial,capacity(trainings) and material support. And this were the achievements realized:-
• Large number of people knew their status through mobile outreaches supported by LVCT.
• Since liverpool started supporting the IYAP we have managed to test a total of 4,704 clients where male are 2,818 while female are 1,886 out of this 52 male and 83 female were able to be reffered for CCC clinic.
• Counselors morale were boosted hence activate the dying system.
• Managed to establish a strong refferal networks among the existing facilities.
• Well documented and record keeping.
• Participated in P.T from main lab for five times with a PASS result
• Strong relation with the local community caused by our regular visits.
• Large no of the muslim communities tested through day light and moon light services.
• Attracted more funds from other donours through high recognition.
• Accredited twice (PASS) with three stars by NASCOP.

In the proccess the organization also faced some challenges :-

• Not managed to reach the interior parts to offer this services since there was no enough resource to facilitate the proccess.
• Reaching to school children was a bit hard due to the tidious proccess.
• Some missing things in the stand alone site in order to attract more youths eg indoor games and dstvs channel.
• Un able to financialy/nutritionally support the post test clubs this are groups formed by those clients who were tested and found positive.
• Insecurity inthe district was also a big challenge especially for moon light services.
• Paying rent which is not supported by any donour.

• Establish a strong post test clubs for all the tested clients.
• To use different approach to the vulnarable groups esppecially muslim community.
• To construct our own VCT site and office to reduce a rental cost.

we the members of IYAP,FRIENDS,STAKE HOLDERS AND ISIOLO COMMUNITY, acknowledges LVCT, for their graduall support during the hardest time we faced.. we really appreciated and still looking forward in bringing change and put a smile in the face of this innocent society,bearing in mind that fighting HIV and AIDS is a collective responsibility and together we shall overcome...

really LVCT never live us walk alone!!!!

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  1. Guys, you are the history of success ma so proud of u IYAP for sure i miss being with the team, i hope and believe that the spirit will not go down even through LVCT is pulling out, lets embark on our usual mission and i ma certain due to the success and achievement of our programs we will definitely attract donors and ensure continuity.