Friday, July 9, 2010


the HIV Testing and Counseling this time round penetrated in to the heart of Kenya army barracks.. On 7th 7/10 IYAP in conjuction with 78Tank Battalion Counselors take the service to S.O.C.E (School of Combat Engeneers) an organised, well and highly discplined people in their normal and official duties.. After our arrival to the camp we were received by tha Top Ranked personels who warmly welcomed us and briefed us on our next move.. This a big special family have met in this country, BRAVO! We were invited to a well seated soldiers whom we estimated to be around 210 majority being men. We did an introduction and talked on HIV and AIDS basic facts and new developments, after this brief session we also give them chance to ask question. We were then entartained by a well talented young man who narrated not only interesting but informative ORAL NARATTIVE. After this we all set our things and went on with testing, the client were over whelming where we decided to back the following day widing up the process, the total no. Of tested and counseled were 173clients. Thenx to the top officials,middle and the juniors for their full support .

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  1. Thanks for the great posts! Glad to know inaendelea mzuri. Also, please post your PO BOX # So I can send you mail. Asante, Michael Starks