Thursday, August 4, 2011

AMREF Maanisha, REALY Means!

As usual IYAP- HCT PROVIDERS found them self in the middle of isiolo stadium carrying out the usual DAY LIGHT and MOON LIGHT services which was organised and facilitated by IYAP . The activities were carried out as per our work plan with AMREF (MAANISHA) fund which was clearly targeting COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS, LONG TRUCK DRIVERS,BAR MAIDS and MIRAA DWELLERS. As IYAP counsellors went on with HIV counselling and testing others decided to take responsibility and made mobilization by entertaining the crowd and also feeding them with vital information on HIV and AIDS.
The session was well despite some usual ups and downs e.g disturbance from, street children making alot of noise while the session goes on,drunkards who demands to be tested under influence, strong winds that almost carry away our small testing tents.

IYAP wants to acknowledge the support from maanisha which has been one of the leading and credible organizations in bringing the real change to this community..
The number of client seen and attended to were convincing hence declared the activity productive. Bravo! Maanisha bravo IYAP!

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