Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is estimated that 100% of the land in the pastoral region of Kenya falls into the low production potential category with low population density. Coupled with this is climatic condition that is highly limiting on agricultural productions. Diseases and poor health conditions are prominent features of this region that is also regarded as to factors challenging IYAPs effort in reducing relief relience by the local communities living in Isiolo, indeed, there is HIV/AIDS prevalence among the pastoral communities and AIDS is one of the leading cause of death in the area.
Furthermore, caught in the endless food insecurity and poverty the entire population of Isiolo district is vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. The families in the district are in poor health conditions and HIV/AIDS prevalence among the population is estimated at around 11% of the population. Who are HIV/AIDS clients? IYAP is trying to come up with some options for the school caregivers through a kitchen garden projects for the small farmer who have some portions of land along the river banks while others rent little lands on degraded soils, the pastoralist were neglected for many years,the urban poor lives with few livelihood options and opportunities.this projects which was pioneered by GRACE AFRICA was of great assistance for them before the drougt strikes the region, Also they are women who disproportionately produce food on substance level and the children for whom HIV/AIDS and hunger means lasting and permanent physical and cognitive damages.
the picture show the community practicing farming at IYAP ECD gardens before all their crops perished by the sudden drought.
IYAP is looking for the way forward to a longing solution.

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