Sunday, October 18, 2009


Seven miles south of ISIOLO town is where we set our target on seeing 200-250 tested client in three days, the process was facilitated by IDASCO (Isiolo District AIDS & STI’s Coordinator).
It was on Friday morning when we made our usual morning rounds before setting off for the long awaited day. Most of the time IYAP tends to be taking the service without doing prior mobilization believing that every day is world AIDS day and any time with or without prior mobilization people should be ready to sacrifice their precious 30 to 35minutes for what will determine their future life.
We therefore arrived at “maili saba” well packed and ready for the day’s session, we were suddenly surrounded by curious wananchi who wanted to know what we are having for them, at first many associated the tent pitching with the famous polio campaign the onlookers were busy relating the government van we were using with the said campaign.
Compliments to our mobilizers whom within a very short period managed to pitch all the tents while others set the public address system despite the falling of rain. We then introduced our self to the village elder and area Chief who promised to support the course in mobilizing the community, little by little the clients then started booking in the flow then increased to be larger number despite our late coming and a short notice, this one of the interesting places with its style, it’s amazing since the clients were arguing on whom will be tested fast, such things are mostly seen when conducting Moon light services.
By the time of closure we have already attended 68 clients .This was good for the day’s target that was set to at least hit 70 and above clients per day, the second day we came a bit earlier than previous day but managed to test 62 clients, third day was the climax day where we counseled and tested 79 clients, bearing in mind that there are some counselors/counselor who is left to man the standalone site which was also performing at its best.

-With good cooperation you can achieve a lot.

-time extension due to the most of the community members whom mostly works as farmers who are busy preparing for this rainy season.

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