Monday, October 12, 2009


On 10/10/09 was a one special day when members of IYAP answered a call from a friend youth organization who are having a programme of initiating culture of peace in our society.
Thiz an ad-hock advantage and IYAP exactly knows how to utilize the opportunity.. Our few counselors and mobilizers arrived at the sight at 8:30 am and managed to erect all the tents and set the tents by 9:00am.
They didnt set tha public address system which are very powerful and may lead to disrupt the other ongoing proggramme, women groups, youths, and old guards were all there celebrating and chanting peace slogans.. In the proccess the mobilization team from IYAP did one to one mobilization. People started picking slowly gain confidence and after the test they also joined in mobilizing others. Thiz waz very encouraging since at tha end of the peace programme we set our public address system and people are still gathering along, dispite that we tested 42 new clients we also got an opportunity to give right and update information HIV and AIDS and collecting views from them.
All the 42 tested were negative this was very encouraging since we discussed on how to maintain that status and reffered for ongoing counseling. Bravo Bulla Bao village.

-most of the married women didnt want to be tested there since it may create suspicious from their husbands.
-condom uptake was very low.
-loud music an curious people peeping through the tent as the session procceeds.

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